After a Disaster Launch, Ubisoft Promises to Fix Assassin's Creed Unity Bugs

After a Disaster Launch, Ubisoft Promises to Fix Assassin's Creed Unity Bugs

Reiteration of bugs incorporate vanishing confronts and skimming characters; Ubisoft shares tumble; PC issues persevere.

Distributer Ubisoft has swore to issue various key fixes to Assassin's Creed Unity after the diversion's cataclysmic dispatch.

Since its discharge crosswise over North America on Tuesday, a becoming number of players have started to report the degree of bugs and glitches that ribbon the diversion's code. (The accompanying exhibition of pictures demonstrate the degree of the issues, as archived the Steam client "Retro_apocalypse".)


The known mistakes recorded so far have turned into the subject of joke, with features demonstrating skimming characters, missing confronts, irregular hair material science, crazed movements, and the diversion's fundamental hero feeling elated and falling through the earth.

It is not clear how the bug-ridden manufacture passed through Ubisoft's inward QA division, nor how it figured out how to be affirmed by both Sony and Microsoft. On Thursday, Ubisoft recognized the degree of the issues, and on its blog recorded the following clump of slips it wants to overcome with a solitary patch.

It composed that the mistakes given need for a fix include:

Arno falling through the ground.

Diversion slamming when joining a center session.

Arno getting got within roughage trucks.

Postpone in arriving at the primary menu screen at diversion begin.

On Wednesday, experience Ubisoft fell 8.3 percent as speculators start to lose confidence in the distributer's ability to convey complete amusements on dispatch day. On Twitter, the partnership has been immersed with protests and inquiries regarding how to conquer certain bugs.

Emulating the arrival of its first fundamental patch, Ubisoft said it is wanting to reveal various extra overhauls that will address other generally reported issues, for example,

Edge rate issues.

Graphical and impact issues.

Matchmaking center issues.

Helix Credits issues.

The distributer has independently recognized an issue with the amusement running on PC with certain AMD CPU and GPU designs. IT likewise says its dealing with a fix for that.


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